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Message From The Head

Head Teacher

Good afternoon, I said I would get in touch with you as soon as I knew what the next stages will be, and the safest ways for Springbank to welcome back more children in to school. There has been so much guidance and debate this week that it has taken longer for me to get back to you than I anticipated. To be fully safe I have to take everybody’s viewpoint and the Risk Assessment into account. The Local Authority have been in touch to say that whatever plans we have made; it is still very uncertain as to whether June 1st will be the starting date for the wider opening of schools. Firstly, let me reassure you that any plans we implement will be totally dependent on the staff team being very sure that children and staff who attend school, can do so safely. Remote, online education will continue and we hope to develop this even more, for all families staying at home to educate. Telephone, Tapestry (Reception) and email support will continue to be available every school day for all families. We will continue to support the learning at home as much as we can; all staff are spending many extra hours making sure this is possible. Thank you for the great job you are all doing at home too. Parents and carers who are already accessing the school childcare provision for keyworkers and those children who need extra support from social care and school, can remain confident that this will continue until the end of the summer term. Parents and carers in this group who have not yet taken up their offered place, will be contacted to see if they wish to take up a place from June 1st . Please remember that our school INSET days are now Monday July 20th – Friday July 24th . Therefore, the last day school will be open for any child will be Friday 17th July. We have moved our INSET days from June 1st –June 5th so that we can begin to prepare for the wider opening of school in-line with the rest of the country. The staff team have worked tirelessly to support everyone within our school family and will continue to do so. We are always here for each and every one of you so please just pick up the phone or email and we will provide any support we can. Mrs James will continue to carry out community work every Wednesday, so if she calls let her know if there is anything we can do for you. Springbank Primary School, Peacock Drive, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3HW Tel: 01773 762277 Head teacher: Julie Vaccari From June 1st there may possibly be a gradual increase in the numbers in school by offering extra places for children in certain year groups. This will only happen if the five key tests set by the government have been met. When we are given the go-ahead, we will introduce the children slowly, steadily and with carefully considered thought at every stage. Please be aware that not all year groups will start back on June 1st and as yet we have not been given confirmation that we will be able to introduce any year groups on June 1st . For safety, we will be introducing only one-year group at a time: nursery first, followed by reception, then Year 1 and then Year 6. Please note, this does not include children in the keyworker and support group who will have already taken up offered places or will from June 1st . The rate at which we can continue to introduce new year groups will be completely dependent on how many parents wish to take up the offer and whether all the measures: staggered entry in to school, dedicated play areas and classrooms where possible, nominated teachers for each small group (maximum 15), education bubbles and frequent handwashing throughout the day, are safe and manageable. This week we will also be looking very carefully at lunch-time systems. To open up the school to more year groups, the Risk Assessment we will receive from the Local Authority has to be fully operational. As we have not received this yet I am unsure how long it will take us to do it. The government fully recognises that every school is different and we will therefore have to refine the risks and make our own judgements and decisions. We will also be exploring the practices of other countries such as Denmark and China to ensure as many protective measures are put in to place to reduce risk, as we possibly can. We really do miss all the children on a daily basis but the plans and systems we have to put in place are very, very complex and need to be manageable by everyone involved. The health and well-being of everyone must be considered at every step. We mustn’t rush. We need to find systems and procedures that decrease the risk as much as we can, not only for now but to support the ‘new normal’ in months to come. That is why we will take our time and much care, planning the way forward this week. We will notify, those who have been offered a place in nursery, of the date and times you can take up the offered place. Right now we do not know when that will be. To summarise:  Parents and carers in the keyworker and extra support group will continue to be able to access ‘educare’ for the times and days they need from June 1st .  For children not in this group, Nursery will be the first ‘bubble’ group for the wider opening of school. Parents and carers will have already been contacted to see if they wish to take up an offered place. There is a cap of 15 for the morning and 15 for the afternoon.  We will then ensure all the systems in Nursery are safe and refine them where necessary. After this, Reception children’s parents and carers will then be contacted to offer places.  The next bubble to organise will be Y1 followed by Y6 depending on the safety of school systems and the R factor. Springbank Primary School, Peacock Drive, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3HW Tel: 01773 762277 Head teacher: Julie Vaccari Please bear with us and be patient whilst we re-organise the whole school completely. We don’t know the timings for each day or for each year group yet as these all have to be staggered, as do breaks and lunch-times. We will try our very, very best for you with the information we are given. Thank you everyone for your support to date, The safety of Springbank children and staff will remain our utmost priority, Take care everyone, Warm wishes, Julie Vaccari

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Welcome To Springbank Primary School


Springbank Primary is a place where all of our children and staff will have the opportunity to excel.

Everyone will be safe, happy and cared for.

Our curriculum and values will inspire everyone in the school family to be motivated and curious learners and offer core skills, knowledge and enrichment to enable all to gain the foundations for a quality future and a love for life-long learning. 

To the right is our STARFISH which are our values for our school.

We are a school that is committed to providing a high standard of education for every pupil. We pursue excellence at every opportunity.

Springbank Primary is a place where ALL of our children, staff and school community will be safe, happy and cared for. Our curriculum offers skills and enrichment so that EVERY child is able to gain the foundations for a quality future life and a love for life long learning.

Our motto "Caring, Happy, Healthy, Sporty, Scientific" sets out our mission for the school. We see ourselves at the heart of the local community, in a partnership with parents and carers, offering excellence in education and helping the children to learn the core learning skills they will need for their future.

This extends beyond the school day to include a number of extra-curricular activities before and after school. We believe learning isn't restricted to the classroom and that every child who comes to Springbank Primary School has an entitlement to a range of visits and experiences that enrich and enliven the curriculum.  Outdoor learning, creative arts and being eco-friendly all form part of our teaching and learning programme.

Inviting visitors into school brings our children's learning to life. We are all learners in school and staff continue to learn too, finding out about the latest developments in education, theory and practice, keeping their skills and knowledge up to date or developing their own potential through degree or master's degree courses.

If you would like your child to attend Springbank Primary School, please contact the Nottinghamshire County Council Admissions Office using the following link   School Admissions



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Safeguarding/counselling: Dawn Wigley Dealing with safeguarding concerns in school and counselling for children and parents.

SENCo: Caroline James  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Events Manager: Claire Fletcher Organising all events/trips in school

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