The whole school attendance for the week 12.1.18 is 96%

All Around the World It's Christmas Time

You can now download our wonderful Springbank Christmas Charity Single 'All Around the World it's Christmas Time' on itunes, google play and amazon.  See links here to the single.  Monies going jointly to New Horizon Church Charity Projects and to school to do more music projects.  Merry Christmas and enjoy our amazing singing!  x



Thank you for your support. 


The whole school attendance for the week 01.12.17 is 95.9% and the class winner is Y3 98%. Well done!

E-Safety Breakfast

On Wednesday 6th December at 9am we are hosting an Internet Safety breakfast for all parents/carers. We have a visitor from the NSPCC in to talk to us about how to keep our children safe online. All are welcome to join us.  


The whole school attendance for the week 17.11.17 is 95.8% and the class winner is Y6 96.6%. Well done!

Year 3/4 Football Tournament 23.11.17

Well done for winning the football tournament  against Larkfields Junior School.
Springbank A    7  -  1      Larkfields A
Springbank B    7  -  3      Larkfields B
The children were awarded with individual medals and a trophy. We are super proud of you all!


The whole school attendance for the week 3/11/17 is 95.6% and the class winner is F2 98.7% and Y3 98.7%. Well done!

Cross Country and Football Tournament

A huge well done to all our children that took part in the Cross Country and Football Tournament this week.  We are especially proud of Brendan McRae (Y5) for reaching the Cross Country Finals in 4th Place.  The final is going to take place on 3rd February at Wollaton Park.  We can't wait. 

Sponsored Walk

A big thank you to all our children and parents who helped us raise £528 on our sponsored walk.  We all had a wonderful time. 


The whole school attendance for the week 06/10/17 is 95.7% and the class winner is Y4 99.3%. Well done!


The whole school attendance for the week 22/9/17 is 95.7% and the class winner is Y5 98%. Well done!

School Menu

Our school menu for September is in the important information section of the website.


The whole school attendance for the week 14th July 2017 is 96% and the class winner is F2 98.7%. Well done!


The whole school attendance for the week 7th July 2017 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y5 100%. Well done!

Outdoor Learning Week

Please see the Wider Curriculum section of the website to view pictures of our Outdoor Learning week commencing 17.07.17.


The whole school attendance for the week 30.6.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is F2 98.6 and Yr 6 98.6%. Well done!

University of Nottingham visit by Year 2

We have just received a telephone call from Emma at the University of Nottingham,

She wanted to pass on her thanks to the Year 2 children, she described them as a credit to the school and said that the manners and behaviour of the children was impeccable


 The whole school attendance for the week 23/6/17 is 96.3% and the class winner is F2 99.4%. Well done!


Our whole school attendance for the week 16.6.17 is 96% and the class winner is Y6 100%. Well done!

Snap Chat Warning

We have been given the following warning:


Snapchat have introduced a new tracker in the update where you can view the exact location of your friends.  It can give you the area, town and street and if you zoom in enough, it shows the house on the street layout. 


If your children are on Snapchat please check that their location settings are set to Ghost mode.


To do this make sure the app is the updated version and go to selfie mode on the camera. Then zoom out.  It will give you the option of changing who can see your location.


Please follow the link attached for more information. BBC Snap Chat Warning

Football Festival Brookhill Leys

What a pleasure it was to take some Y1 and Y2 children to a football festival this afternoon (14th June) at Brookhill Leys. The talent shown was amazing and it was brilliant to witness true sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. Our KS1 superstars won every game. The scores were: 2-0, 2-1 and 5-0. WOW! Well done. Miss Keetch. 


The whole school attendance for the week 26.5.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is F2 96.7% and Y4 96.7%.  Well done!

Girls Football Team.

Girls Football Results


Springbank   vs    Awsworth       5-0

Springbank   vs    Hollywell         0-3

Springbank   vs    Larkfields        0-1

Brilliant event girls and well done for representing Springbank Primary at our first ever girls football competition.


The whole school attendance for the week 19.5.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y2 100%.  Well done!


The whole school attendance for the week 12.5.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y3 100% and Y6 100%.  Well done!

Message from our Chair of Governors - Mrs Carroll

Education is all about progress - teaching children in the best way to allow them to get better at 'things' - all sorts of 'things'. As a governor, one of my roles is to look for evidence within school of any progress made.
One area that I feel the Springbank team has excelled at recently, and is enabling individual children and groups of children to make great progress in, is creating self-confidence. I have witnessed this on a number of recent visits into school, to assemblies, sports events, committee meetings and governor monitoring visits.
Our children are confident enough to speak in assemblies, in front of staff, parents, and the other children, to tell of their personal achievements. They sing with confidence, and increasing numbers are bold enough to sing solos, or play their musical instruments with little sign of nervousness.
Our football team now has the self-belief and confidence in each other, to compete well against other teams, as they proved recently in a 6-0 victory, and a closely fought 1-0 defeat. They no longer expect to lose, but show great sportsmanship if they do. I believe this is true of our teams in other sports too, such as netball and cricket, and of the children who compete  at events such as the District Sports athletics competition, where medals are now being won more frequently.
I recently spent an hour with one of Ms Dunn's accelerated reader groups, where the children spoke extremely confidently about their enjoyment of the scheme, about the books they were reading, and which books they would like to read next. They were not daunted by me being there, and were very keen to speak to me about why they thought this programme was helping them to become more confident readers.
We now have pupil associate members on our governing board, a small group of year 6 pupils who join us at a children's committee to bring the views of the children on how to improve the school. I am very proud of the way they conduct themselves, as they show a high level of maturity and self-confidence, and are able to bring ideas and ask questions in a very professional manner. I am looking forward to our next full governing board meeting in July where their representatives will present a report on the year 6 SATS results.
These are just a few examples of the progress being made in boosting the confidence of Springbank's pupils. It is evident in all year groups throughout school, and will help our children to have the self-belief to aim high, and achieve their ambitions in the future.
Claire Carroll
Chair of Governing Board


The whole school attendance for the week 5th May 2017 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y6 97.7%


The whole school attendance for the week 28.4.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y4 99.3%




 The whole school attendance for the week 21.4.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is F2 100%


The whole school attendance for the week 31.3.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y4 96.5%

SAT's Week

Just a reminder that Year 6 SAT's are Monday 8th May to Thursday 11th May, please note that it is essential that ALL year 6 children attend this week.

School Dinners

Just to let you know there will be a price increase for school dinners from Tuesday the 18th April, children's meals £2.29 and adult meals £2.75.

Thank you Heather Roper


The whole school attendance for the week ending 24.03.17 is 96.2% and the class winner is Y1 100%

Egg Rolling

Egg Rolling will take place in the school hall along with the Easter Raffle, (Mr Lumley is very eggcited). All parents/carers welcome.  There will also be refreshments available throughout the day in the staffroom, as well as a cake stall, so please come and join us for the fun! See timetable below for your child’s class time.


9:00 F1                  1:00 F1

9:30 F2                  1:30 Y3

10:00 Y2                2:00 Y5

10:45 Y1                2:30 Y6

11:15 Y4

11:45 We can do it group 


The whole school attendance for the week ending 03.03.17 is 96.2% and the class winner is Y6 99.4%


Congratulations Jodie!

Jodie has written a friendship song based on our STARFISH Values, it is so good that we

all sing it in our assemblies. Thank you so much Jodie. It is good to have a composer within

our school family.

The Friendship Song

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooo x2

I’m your friend and you’re mine too x2

Let’s see everybody hand in hand

Let’s sing it out loud and proud x2

Friendship, friendship it’s the key to life x3

And if we didn’t have it, how would we live?

Football Team win

Congratulations to our school football team who have beat Brookhill Ley's 6-0 in a cup match and they are now through to the semi final.


Well done Springbank.


The whole school attendance for the week ending 10.02.17 is 96.1% and the class winner is Y2 99.4%


 The whole school attendance for the week ending 03/02/17 is 96.3% and the class winner is Y3 98.6%


The whole school attendance for the week ending 20th Janaury is 96.3% and the class winner is Y4 with 100%


Whole school attendance for the week ending 13/1/17 is 96.2% and the class winner is F2 with 99.4%


The whole school attendance for the week ending 06.01.17 is 96.3% and the class winner is F2 100% and Year 2 100%

Message from the King

Please thank the children and staff for such a warm welcome they gave to me today. I really enjoyed the Nativity play in the church and the Christmas dinner. The children were all so well behaved and really enthusiastic despite having to have to remember all their words from before Christmas because of the fire.
Santa left me clear instructions about giving the presents out because he was unable to do so in December, but it was a good day to do this as it was Epiphany. The children were very well mannered. He says he hopes to be with you next December and he is looking forward to it.
Once again WELL DONE to everyone and here's to a good 2017 for all at Springbank Primary School.
Love from
The King


The whole school attendance for the week ending 16/12/16 is 96.2% and the class winner is Year 2 with 100%



Message from Miss Leonard

I am so happy that we get to keep the Christmas spirit going for that little while longer. We will be showcasing the fantastic nativity on 6th January.  I cannot wait to show you how amazing it is.  The children have worked so hard! After the performance we will get to fill our bellies with our legendary Christmas dinner.  Merry Christmas everyone! See you in 2017.

Message from Santa

Dear children, soooo sorry to hear about what has happened at your school and because of that, my grotto and your nativity play as well as your Christmas dinner have had to be cancelled.  I am sure that your teachers will be able to give you the presents I have left for you, but I am sorry I will not be able to visit you this year as I have other schools to visit and can't get another day before Christmas.  I look forward to being with you next year.  Love Santa.  Ho Ho Ho!!


The whole school attendance for the week ending 02/12/16 is 96.3% and the class winners are Year 2 and Year 4 with a joint percentage of 99.3%

Timing of the school day

Can everybody please note that from January 4th 2017 the timing of the school day will alter at the end of the day.


This is following a request from a number of parents who have children in different classes across school. The Governing Body approved this change at their November meeting. Please note that Key Stage 1 playtimes will be extended to 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon to compensate for this.

Thank you to all parents who requested this change - your views are very important to us and we will always try to help if we can.


The whole school attendance for the week ending 25/11/16 is  96.2% and the class winner is Year 4 with 99.3%




The whole school attendance for the week ending 18/11/16 is  96.1% and the class winner is Year 6 with 98.1%


The whole school attendance for the week ending 11/11/16 is  96.3% and the class winner is Year 4 with 98.7%

Cashless System

From Tuesday 4th October 2016, we will be operating a cashless system. Any change due for collection will be saved in the school office for you to collect from Mrs Roper. Can parents/carers/children also ensure tuck- shop money is taken to the office. Thank you this will support our teaching and learning.

Gold award for PE

Springbank Primary School have done it again!  We are very proud to announce that we have received the school games Gold mark for 2015/16 for our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport.  This is the second year that we have achieved this award, a huge well done to Miss Keetch and the children of Springbank for all their hard work.

Cricket Competition

Wow! This afternoon our Year 6 (Mr Waller's Class) won the Eastwood Schools Kwik Cricket Tournament against 3 other schools. They have received 20 tickets to watch a professional cricket match at the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham. Amazing achievement!

Our Year 7 children came third out of 4 schools.

District Sports 2016

We can't wait to compete in this years District Sports at Harvey Hadden today (21st June) the children are limbered up and ready to bring back some 1st, 2nds or 3rds. The results will be published in the PE document section of the website, and look out for photographs in the photograph section as well.  Miss Keetch.

Strawberry High Tea

Don't forget on Thursday we are holding our Scrumptious Strawberry High Tea event. A table can be booked at 4:00, 5:00 or 5:45 for a traditional or gentleman's afternoon tea.  If you would like to book on to this popular event please ask at reception for a booking form.   This coincides with the children visiting the Tennis Club, if you would like to join your child during their session at the tennis club, the time slots are:

Year 3  Miss Birch         10:00

Year 4  Miss Beeching   10:30

Year 7  Mr Lumley        11:00

Year 6  Mr Waller         1:00

Year 2  Miss Leonard    1:30

Year 5  Mr Moulds        2:00 

INSET days

We have our four inset days for staff on Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June.  Therefore school will reopen for children on Friday 10th June at 8am.

Sports day

This year’s Sports Day will be held on the 27th of May 2016. Potted Sports will start from 10.00am and all parents, carers, friends and family are more than welcome to come and support their children. F1 morning children will be taking part in Potted Sports activities within the Early Year’s outdoor area. F1 afternoon children will be taking part in their Potted Sports activities within the Early Year’s outdoor area from 1.00pm.

In the afternoon the competitive races will start at 1.00pm until 1.45pm with F2, Year 1 and Year 2 participating first. Year 3 and Year 4 will start at 1.45pm-2.30pm then Year 5 and Year 6 will be 2.30pm-3.15pm.

Whilst the children are not in the competition, we will have our very own cinema in the hall.

Summer Picnic

Just a reminder that Thursday 19th May 2016 is our Summer Picnic. We will be having a lunchtime disco and refreshments will be available for parents/carers before lunchtime in the staffroom.

Let's Get Healthy Days

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week are Let's Get Healthy Days. Children in F2, Y1, Y3, Y4, Y5, and Y6 are taking part in local walks each morning. Please remember to ensure your child comes in sensible shoes for walking and has a coat.

London Marathon

We are very proud of Miss Topley who is running the London Marathon tomorrow for the NSPCC charity. Her race number is 53710 and using the london marathon website, her progress can be tracked as she runs.  All of her Springbank family wish her the very best in this very difficult task that she has undertaken. 

National Dance Week

As part of National Dance Week, on Monday 25th April, children will be experiencing and learning about different styles of dance during their P.E. Session with Miss Binch.


Year 6 SAT’s week will be from Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May, please note that it is essential that all Year 6 children attend this week.

Whilst the Year 6 children are taking their SATs all other children in school will be taking part in the Geography field trips to ensure that the school is quiet for the testing sessions.

A letter will go out to Year 6 parents/carers nearer this time to explain in detail how the tests are administered.


Year 6 Easter School

Y6 Easter School - All Year 6 children are invited to attend the Easter School on Thursday 14th April and Friday 15th April for one, or both, days. There will be members of staff available to tutor your child in preparation for their SATs. The sessions will begin at 9:30am and end at 2:30pm.

School mobile

Further to the text that was sent out on Wednesday 2nd March.  Please find below details of the school mobile that is soley to be used by parents/carers to send text messages to school. Only use this number for messages if you need to speak to someone in school please use the school number.

School mobile number: 07494177347 (text)

School number: 01773762277 (phone)

Thank you - we hope this will help all of us by giving another form of home-school comminication.

Safer Internet Day

We celebrated Safer Internet Day on the 9th February. This years theme is 'Play your part for a better internet' we are doing activities across school to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Look out for the photographs which will be on our gallery soon.

Financial Consultant visit

After a recent visit by our Financial Consultant to monitor the Schools Financial Values Standards (SFVS).  Out of 25 standards all 25 were met.  An achievement to be celebrated.  There were no follow up recommendations.

Active Kids Paralympic Challenge 2016

We are now very proud to be registered with the Active Kids Paralympic Challenge 2016 provided by Sainsburys. 

The Active Kids Paralympic Challenge will create the opportunity for young people across the country to take part and increase their understanding of Paralympic sport. Every registered school will receive free Paralympic Challenge sports equipment which you can then use to take on the challenges that will be issued in the months leading up to Rio 2016. 

Winter Wonderland Picnic

We are having a Winter Wonderland Picnic on Thursday 21st January 2016. We will be having a lunch time disco and there will be refreshments and nibbles available for parents/carers before lunch in the staff room. Please come and join us if you can. An adult picnic meal is only £2.58

After school clubs

Just a reminder that after school clubs will finish on Friday 11th December and restart Monday 18th January 2016.


Congratulations to the following students of Springbank Primary School for passing their Speech Grade Exams.

Entry 2 Junior Grade Two

Susanna Cook – Merit +

Rebecca Jones – Merit +

Jasmine Johnson – Distinction

Seth Fiddyment – Distinction

Entry 3 Junior Grade Three

Lily Huang – Distinction

Amy Davis – Merit +

Jamie Brown – Distinction

Halloween disco - A HUGE THANK YOU

WOW! This year for our Halloween disco with the help of all staff, parents and carers, we raised a magnificent £456.95.This money will now help us to buy two more IPADs for the children to use within school.

November is RE Month

We are very excited that November is our RE month, there will be lots of events and celebrations in school.

Well done Springbank Football team

A huge well done to Springbank Football Team who drew 1-1 against Awsworth Primary School today 21st October.

Keep up the hard work boys, amazing STARFISH- Sportsmanship. The best we have seen you play so far!

Halloween disco

Don't forget - Thursday is our Spooktacular Halloween disco - tickets are on sale from reception. 

October is 'Keep Safe' Month

We are very excited that October will be our 'Keep Safe' month. 

Cross Country

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS: Our year 5 and year 6 girls shone today at the cross country, they both finished a fabulous 3rd.  Our year 6 boys raced to the end to finish a fantastic 4th.  Well done to ALL to took part in this event.  We are very proud off you all. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning 13th October 2015

Calling all parents and carers we need your help on 13th October 2015.  We are hosting our very own coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan cancer support.  We are asking for donations of cakes or biscuits for this event.  If you can help, please drop them off at the school office on the morning of the event.   Thank you.

Harvest Festival

This year our Harvest Festival will take place on Tuesday 13th Ocotber at 10.25.  We would be grateful for any donations of non-perishable goods which we will be donating to the Food Bank.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Don't forget Thursday 1st October is our Teddy Bears Picnic, bring along your favourite teddy bear to have lunch with us. 

Launch day!

Our next launch day in school will be Monday 5th October. 

After school clubs

Just to remind you. after school clubs start on Monday 21st September. You will receive a text infoming you which club your child is on.


Monday: KS1 dance, KS2 dance, KS2 art, KS2 maths


Tuesday: KS1 sewing, KS2 cheerleading, KS2 reading and writing


Wednesday: Yr3/4/5 table tennis, KS2 chess club, KS2 homework, KS1 stories into film


Thursday: Yr1/5 cooking and growing, KS1 homework, KS1 art, Yr6 tutoring, KS1 multi-sports


Friday: KS1 book club, KS2 football, KS1 online learning, Yr6 tutoring


We are very excited that September will be maths month in school, there will be lots of fabulous activities and events happening in classrooms.

Mill Adventure Base visit

The Mill Adventure Base will be coming to school this Wednesday to teach our years 4 and 6 archery, climbing wall and bike skills. Children can wear their sport clothing for the day.

Springbank election

On Thursday 7th May we are holding our very own election in school for our school parliament. Look out for further information and photographs. 

Eastwood Town Junior Cricket Club

We are very lucky to have Eastwood Town Junior Cricket Club coming into school on the 1st and 8th May to work with our KS2 children during their PE sessions. 

SAT's Week

On Monday 11th – Thursday 14th May Year 6 children will be sitting their SAT‟s Tests, it is very important that your child is in school for these four days. A letter has been sent out about the Easter School on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April 2015 in preparation for the SAT‟s Tests. A special treat for the children that take all their SAT 's tests has been organised for the end of the SAT"s week.

Changes to School Meals

As of Monday 20th April 2015, children's school meals will be increasing to £2.15 per day which totals up to £10.75 per week

Inside Out Programme

Just to let you know many of our talented footballers are featured on a film about Jeff Astel tonight on the 'Inside out programme' on BBC1 Monday 23rd February 2015 and also on East Midlands tonight.

Pancake cafe

Don't forget we are holding our popular pancake cafe today from 2:30 until 4:30, why not come along and sample one of our delicious toppings or take one home with you if you would prefer.

current vacancies

We currently have two vacancies in school. Please see the important information section of the website for further details.

School Open 30.1.15

School will be open as usual today, 30 January 2015.

School Open 21.1.15

School will be open as normal today, 21st January 2015. The school paths and car park are being cleared.

Table Top Sale

On Tuesday 18th November 2014 we are holding a table top sale from 3:30pm.

If you have any items to sell, rent your own table for £5. Please contact the school office if you are interested.

We will be having a food tombola, gift wrapping service, treat tuck shop, hot dogs and Springbank’s Clothes Agency.

Children in Need 2014

On Friday 14th November we will be having a non-uniform day for Children in Need for a donation of 50p.

Sponsored walk

Unfortunately we have had to cancel today's sponsored walk due to the bad weather, a risk assessment was undertaken and it was too slippy to walk across fields. We will reschedule once we have a good week weather wise. Thank you for your understanding.

Back to school 8th September

We hope you have had a restful holiday. School re opens for children on September 8th.

Infant Free School Meals

As you are probably aware, from September 2014, all Key Stage 1 children (F2, Year 1 and Year 2) will be eligible for a free school lunch.There will be a choice of a packed lunch or hot meal of the day.Please make sure you return the registration form so we have an idea of numbers for September. The Government are also providing additional funding to schools for each pupil who is registered for free meals. Please, if you think you qualify for free meals and have not registered with the free meals team, see Mrs Duncan who will authorise this for you. This will ensure we do not lose valuable funding which will enable us to provide additional equipment, support and activities for all the children. More information on school meals section of website.

Fund Raising

For a donation, we will be having a dress down day on Friday 20th June.  We will be donating all money raised to 'When you wish upon a Star' (Dream making for sick children).  One of our pupils is having her hair cut on Saturday 21st June and her hair will be sent to Little Princesses to make a wig for a child who has lost her hair through cancer treatment.

Parent governor vacancies

Thank you to all parents who supported the appointment of our two new parent governors, the ballot took place this morning (2nd June) with Mrs Vaccari and Mrs Carroll (chair of governors). We extend a big welcome to Mrs Jo Walton and Ms Sabrina Clarke, we look forward to working with you on our governing body.


A huge well done to Springbank Cheerleaders for making it through to the National Final of The Great Big Dance Off.  It will be on the 10th June 2014 at Oxford.  We will be providing a coach for all the children participating and parents wishing to go.  Also while we are in Oxford, we will be having a trip to the University.

What an achievement for Springbank Primary School.  We are so proud of both the teams that made it to the Regional heats.  There were over 250 schools that entered the East Midlands heat.  Well Done

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